Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Stand Mixer Pasta Press 2023

by Andrew Jackson – May 04, 2023

Stand Mixer Pasta Press is a staple in many households, and the process of making it from scratch can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

One of the best ways to do this is by using a stand mixer pasta press.

This guide will provide an overview of what a stand mixer pasta press is, a buying guide for those looking to invest in one, as well as some product suggestions to help you make an informed decision.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press


A stand mixer pasta press is a versatile attachment that turns your stand mixer into a pasta-making powerhouse.

This device simplifies the process of rolling out dough and cutting pasta to the desired shape and thickness, enabling you to make a variety of pasta types such as spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna.

Stand mixer pasta presses are compatible with popular stand mixers like KitchenAid, Kenwood, and Cuisinart, making it a great investment for home cooks who want to elevate their pasta-making game.


When choosing a stand mixer pasta press, consider the following factors:

1. Compatibility:

Make sure the pasta press attachment is compatible with your stand mixer’s brand and model.

Check the manufacturer’s website for compatibility information.

2. Material:

Look for a pasta press made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or chrome-plated steel, for durability and easy cleaning.

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine stainless steel

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

3. Versatility:

Some pasta presses come with interchangeable plates or discs that allow you to create different pasta shapes and sizes.

The more versatile the pasta press, the more variety you can achieve in your pasta-making.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set 5 Piece Steel Machine

KitchenAid KPRA Pasta Roller and cutter

4. Ease of use:

Choose a pasta press that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean.

Some models may also have a built-in storage compartment for plates or discs, making it convenient to store and access.

5. Price:

Stand mixer pasta presses can range in price from $50 to $200, depending on the brand, materials used, and versatility.

Consider your budget and how often you plan to use the pasta press when making a decision.


Here are some popular stand mixer pasta presses to consider:

1. KitchenAid KPRA Pasta Roller and cutter for Spaghetti and Fettuccine

Designed exclusively for use with KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Stand Mixer Pasta Press
Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Pasta Roller

Rolls 14 cm broad, eight-thick pasta sheets.

To knead and flatten pasta dough, the adjustable Pasta Roller is set at 1–2.

The Pasta Roller flattens dough for egg noodles, lasagne noodles, and lingini past at higher settings (3–8).

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Spaghetti Cutter

Attaches to the power hub of your KitchenAid Artisan Food Mixer so that you may continue to work with the fresh pasta even after you have detached it.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Tagliatelle Cutter

Each sort of pasta has its own consistency, shape, style, and texture. It should not be overly thick or too thin.

KitchenAid created accessories for the Artisan Stand Mixer that will transform your mixer into a mini-Italian pasta factory.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

2. Kenwood Lasagne Pasta Attachment KAX980ME

The Kenwood Chef’s versatility is greatly increased by its adaptability to a broad variety of extra accessories.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Our high-quality attachments are designed to perform reliably time and time again.

Compatible with the kMix, Chef, Chef Sense, Chef XL Sense, Chef XL Elite, Chef XL Titanium, and Cooking Chef, to name a few of Kenwood’s most well-known stand mixers.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

3. MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

Atlas 150, the flagship model of the Marcato brand, is an Italian design classic. It’s compatible with 12 additional attachments and can make lasagne, fettuccine, and tagliolini, among other pasta shapes.

Made from stainless steel, it is durable and easy to clean.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press
Stand Mixer Pasta Press

Three pasta shapes

Atlas 150 can be used to create lasagna (thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 4.8 mm), fettuccine (6 mm), and tagliolini (1.5 mm).

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

High quality fresh pasta

Atlas 150 ensures success every time, with uniformly cut pasta that holds its shape and is suited for use with any sauce.

Stand Mixer Pasta Press

12 extra pasta accessories

Pasta of varying thicknesses, cuts, and shapes can be made with any of the 12 Atlas 150 attachments. It’s all about finding the appropriate form for your preferred condiment.

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine


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Can I use a stand mixer pasta press with any stand mixer?

Stand mixer pasta presses are typically designed for specific brands and models. Always check the compatibility information provided by the manufacturer before purchasing a pasta press attachment.

Can I make gluten-free pasta with a stand mixer pasta press?

Yes, you can make gluten-free pasta using a stand mixer pasta press. Simply use a gluten-free flour blend and follow your preferred gluten-free pasta recipe. Adjust the dough consistency as needed to ensure proper extrusion.

Can I make pasta dough in my stand mixer before using the pasta press attachment?

Yes, you can use your stand mixer to make pasta dough. Use the dough hook attachment to mix and knead the dough until it reaches the desired consistency, then switch to the pasta press attachment to extrude and cut the pasta.


A stand mixer pasta press is a valuable investment for those who love making pasta from scratch.

By considering factors such as compatibility, materials, versatility, ease of use, and price, you can find the perfect pasta press for your kitchen.

The suggested products – KitchenAid 5-Piece Pasta Extruder Attachment Set, Kenwood Chef & Chef XL Pasta Maker Attachment, and Cuisinart Pasta Extruder Attachment – are all excellent options to explore when making your decision.

Happy pasta-making!


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