Roland V-60HD HD Video Switcher and Streaming

A high-definition video switcher called the Roland V-60HD is made for streaming and live events. It offers a small, user-friendly method of switching and combining several video and audio sources, such as microphones, laptops, media players, and cameras.

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Connector Type 4-Pin Mini DIN
Brand Roland
Compatible Devices Camera
Cable Type USB, HDMI
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  • HD Video Switcher with SDI and Scaled HDMI Inputs
  • 18-channel Audio Mixer with Effects
  • Wireless Tally System
  • Multi-destination outputs include Program, Preview, and AUX buses and make it easy to send the main output to the primary screen or live stream and presenter notes to a presenter’s monitor.
  • Audio auto-mixing automatically adjusts audio level based on weighting ensuring even levels for the room mix, presenter to send to recording, live stream, or in-room speakers.
  • The V-60HD’s user interface is easy for students, and novices and can be controlled remotely through the LAN port using Roland’s Remote-Control Software from PC or Mac.
  • USB Port ‒ Still Image Upload, Saving Program Files
  • SDI inputs and 2 HDMI inputs make it perfect for switching cameras and computers at the same time for dynamic presentations.
  • The dedicated Aux buttons make switching to a second destination as easy as switching to the main screen


New AUX audio
Live Production
Multiscreen environments
New AUX audio
New AUX audio
Live Production
Multiscreen environments

New AUX audio options, such as selectable dry, pre-fader, and post-fader AUX Bus settings, embedded audio to SDI, and enhanced camera remote control compatibility, are included with this system update. These features were first offered with the flagship V-160HD.

The visual requirements for livestreams, HD recordings, and confidence monitors can vary from those for the main program output. Without changing the primary PGM destination, you can switch any of the linked input sources to any of the four SDI or HDMI outputs. The Program (PGM) output can be synchronized with the AUX output thanks to AUX-linked PGM.

Corporate event production is the fastest-growing live event space, with companies hosting town halls, meetings, training sessions, and new product announcements, both in person and streaming.

The V-60HD is ideal for multiscreen environments found in churches, conference centers, hotels, and trade show facilities where different content needs to be switched to independent screens.

  • Dedicated AUX buttons make switching to a second destination as easy as switching to the main screen.
  • A newly designed wireless tally system for iOS and Android devices makes for smoother events. This helps talent and camera operators identify which camera is currently selected for the program and which camera will be switched to next.
  • Auto Scan, integrated audio inputs, Auto Mixing, and powerful effects make the V-60HD an ideal streaming mixer solution, allowing you to remix stems from an audio console and adjust them for broadcast.

Cross-dissolve transitions and up to 30 different wipe patterns are used for cutting and mixing. Buses are not necessary since time-based correction and frame synchronization allow for smooth transitions between six video streams and two still images. The recently added Auto Scan feature allows for automatic changeover, which lessens the effort on the operator.

  • 1. 4 SDI inputs (with de-interlacer)
  • 2. 2 HDMI inputs (scaled)
  • 3. 1 RGB/COMPONENT input shared with HDMI Input 6 (scaled)
  • 4. 2 SDI outputs ‒ assignable to PGM, PVW, AUX
  • 5. 2 HDMI outputs ‒ assignable to PGM, PVW, AUX
  • 6. 1 Multiview output ‒ Program and Preview plus 8 video sources with audio meters
  • 7. LAN ‒ Remote control and Smart Tally
  • 8. RS-232 ‒ Remote control
  • 9. USB-Port ‒ Still image upload, saving program files
  • 10. DC IN ‒ Included PSB-7U AC adaptor or battery operation 
  • The V-60HD is portable and small enough to be used in multiple locations in an office or outside a meeting location.
  • The four SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs are perfect for switching cameras and computers at the same time for dynamic presentations.
  • Not all cameras support full 1080p, so the de-interlace on the SDI inputs allows you to mix and match 1080i and 1080p SDI video sources from multiple cameras without external converters.
  • Audio is easier to mix than ever before using the V-60HD’s Auto Mixing function. This automatically balances audio levels from multiple microphones and video sources, freeing up the operator to focus on video switching during the event.


The powerful and adaptable Roland V-60HD video switcher offers a simple-to-use solution for live events and streaming. The V-60HD is a dependable and effective tool for creating professional-quality video productions thanks to its powerful audio mixing capabilities, diverse input formats, and plug-and-play design. It’s a great option for both seasoned and beginning video creators due to its small size and simple features. The Roland V-60HD is a great investment that may help you advance your video production, whether you’re doing a live event, a business presentation, or a streaming broadcast.

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If I use a 4K video capture card with this device, would it allow me to stream in 4K and are there settings to adjust the resolution?

the V-60HD’s highest setting is 1080p 59.94 Hz, it will not output 4k

A 4K capture card can technically upconvert the 1080p signal to 2160p for 4K

that box that comes with it, is that the recorder? Does it record the channels separately for post production?

It’s just a switcher. It does not have an internal recorder.

Do you have the HS Code for this product?

What is the HS Code?